October 4-6, 2015

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA



Day 1

October 4 (Sunday)


  • Tutorial I:   (half day - 9am to 12:30pm)      Conference Room C  

    • Contech: Modeling and Analyzing Parallel Programs with Task Graphs


  • Tutorial II:   (half day - 9am to 12:30pm)      Conference Room D  

    • Wind River® Simics and Intel® SAE: Dynamic Binary Instrumentation of OS Kernel, Driver and BIOS


  • Tutorial III:   (Half day - 1:30pm to 5pm)      Conference Room C  

    • Open-Source Benchmarks for Online Data-Intensive Services


  • Tutorial IV:   (half day - 1:30pm to 5pm)      Conference Room D  

    • Sigil and SynchroTrace: Communication-Aware Workload Profiling and Memory-NoC Simulation


Day 2

October 5 (Monday)

   7:30am  -  8:15am     Registration
   8:15am  -  8:30am     Opening and Welcome
   8:30am  -  9:30am     Keynote: David Brooks (Harvard University)
   9:30am  -10:00am     Break
 10:00am  -12:00pm     Session 1: Mobile Applications
 12:00pm  -  1:00pm     Lunch
   1:00pm  -  2:30pm     Session 2: Best Paper Nominees
   2:30pm  -  3:00pm     Break
   3:00pm  -  4:30pm     Session 3: GPUS I
   4:30pm  -  6:00pm     Poster Session (snacks and drinks are provided)

Day 3

October 6 (Tuesday)

   8:30am  -  9:30am     Keynote: Flavio Villanustre (VP Technology, LexisNexis Risk Solutions)
   9:40am  -10:40am     Session 4: GPUS II
 10:40am  -11:00am     Break
 11:00am  -12:30pm     Session 5: Systems
 12:30pm  -  1:30pm     Lunch and Best Paper Award
   1:30pm  -  2:30pm     Session 6: Simulation
   2:30pm  -  3:00pm     Break
   3:00pm  -  4:30pm     Session 7: Data Center and Cloud
   4:30pm  -                   Closing



Day 1 -  Sunday, October 4, 2015 (Conference Rooms C & D)



Day 2 -  Monday, October 5, 2015 (Salon IV)


    07:30  -  08:15     Registration
    08:15  -  08:30     Opening and Welcome
    08:30  -  09:30     Keynote: David Brooks (Harvard University)
    09:30  -  10:00     Break

    10:00  -  12:00     Paper Session 1: Mobile Applications

      Chair: Vijay Janapa Reddi, University of Texas at Austin

●    Big or Little: A Study of Mobile Interactive Applications on an Asymmetric Multi-core Platform
Wonik Seo (KAIST), Daegil Im (Samsung Electronics), Jeongim Choi (KAIST), Jaehyuk Huh (KAIST)

●    I/O Characteristics of Smartphone Applications and Their Implications for eMMC Design
Deng Zhou (San Diego State University), Wen Pan (San Diego State University), Wei Wang (San Diego State University), Tao Xie (San Diego State University)

●    Characterization and Throttling-based Mitigation of Memory Interference for Heterogeneous Smartphones
Davesh Shingari (Arizona State University), Akhil Arunkumar (Arizona State University), Carole-Jean Wu (Arizona State University)

●    Energy-Performance Trade-offs on Energy-Constrained Devices with Multi-Component DVFS
Rizwana Begum (Drexel Univeristy), Guru Prasad Srinivasa (University at Buffalo), David Werner (Drexel Univeristy), Mark Hempstead (Drexel Univeristy), Geoffrey Challen (Drexel Univeristy)

    12:00  -  13:00     Lunch

    13:00  -  14:30     Paper Session 2: Best Paper Nominees

      Chair: Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Georgia Institute of Technology

●    CRONO : A Benchmark Suite for Multithreaded Graph Algorithms Executing on Futuristic Multicores
Masab Ahmad (University of Connecticut), Farrukh Hijaz (University of Connecticut), Qingchuan Shi (University of Connecticut), Omer Khan (University of Connecticut)

●    Locality Exists in Graph Processing: Workload Characterization on an Ivy Bridge Server
Scott Beamer (UC Berkeley), Krste Asanović (UC Berkeley), David Patterson (UC Berkeley)
Best Paper Winner

●    Performance Characterization for High-Level Programming Models for GPU Graph Analytics
Yuduo Wu (University of California, Davis), Yangzihao Wang (University of California, Davis), Yuechao Pan (University of California, Davis), Carl Yang (University of California, Davis), John D. Owens, (University of California, Davis)

    14:30  -  15:00     Break

    15:00  -  16:30     Paper Session 3: GPUS I

      Chair: Carole-Jean Wu, Arizona State University

●    Fast Computational GPU Design with GT-Pin
Melanie Kambadur (Columbia University), Sunpyo Hong (Intel), Juan Cabra (Intel), Harish Patil (Intel), Chi-Keung Luk (Intel), Sohaib Sajid (Intel), Martha A. Kim (Columbia University)

●    GPU Computing Pipeline Inefficiencies and Optimization Opportunities in Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Processors
Joel Hestness (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Stephen W. Keckler (NVIDIA and University of Texas - Austin), David A. Wood (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

●    Exploring Parallel Programming Models for Heterogeneous Computing Systems
Mayank Daga (AMD), Zachary S. Tschirhart (AMD), Chip Freitag (AMD)

    16:30  -  18:00     Poster Session (snacks and drinks are provided)

●    On Power-Performance Characterization of Concurrent Throughput Kernels
Nilanjan Goswami (University of Florida), Yuhai Li (University of Florida), Amer Qouneh (University of Florida), Chao Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Tao Li (University of Florida)

●    Retrospective Look Back on the Road Towards Energy Proportionality
Daniel Wong (University of Southern California), Julia Chen (University of Southern California), Murali Annavaram (University of Southern California)

●    Characterization of Shared Library Access Patterns of Android Applications
Xiaowan Dong (University of Rochester), Sandhya Dwarkadas (University of Rochester), Alan Cox (Rice University)

●    Characterizing Data Analytics Workloads on Intel Xeon Phi
Biwei Xie (ICT CAS), Xu Liu (College of William and Mary), JianFeng Zhan (ICT CAS), Zhen Jia (ICT CAS), Yuqing Zhu(ICT CAS), Lei Wang (ICT CAS), Lixin Zhang (ICT CAS)

●    How Good Are Low-Power 64-bit SoCs for Server-Class Workloads?
Reza Azimi (Brown University), Xin Zhan (Brown University), Sherief Reda (Brown University)

●    A Taxonomy of GPGPU Performance Scaling
Abhinandan Majumdar (Cornell University), Gene Wu (The University of Texas at Austin), Kapil Dev (Brown University), Joseph L. Greathouse (Advanced Micro Devices), Indrani Paul (Advanced Micro Devices), Wei Huang (Advanced Micro Devices), Arjun-Karthik Venugopal (Advanced Micro Devices), Leonardo Piga (Advanced Micro Devices), Chip Freitag (Advanced Micro Devices), Sooraj Puthoor (Advanced Micro Devices)



Day 3 -  Tuesday, October 6, 2015 (Salon IV)


    08:30  -  09:30     Keynote: Flavio Villanustre (VP Technology, LexisNexis Risk Solutions)

    09:40  -  10:40     Paper Session 4: GPUS II

      Chair: Indrani Paul, Advanced Micro Devices

●    Revealing Critical Loads and Hidden Data Locality in GPGPU Applications
Gunjae Koo (University of Southern California), Hyeran Jeon (University of Southern California), Murali Annavaram (University of Southern California)

●    3D Workload Subsetting for GPU architecture Pathfinding
Vinod Mohan George (Intel)

    10:40  -  11:00     Break

    11:00  -  12:30     Paper Session 5: Systems

      Chair: Ravi Soundararajan, VMWare

●    PC Design, Use, and Purchase Relations
Al M. Rashid (Intel Corporation), Bob Kuhn (Intel Corporation), Bijan Arbab (Intel Corporation), David Kuck (Intel Corporation)

●    Characterizing Disk Failures with Quantified Disk Degradation Signatures: An Early Experience
Song Huang (University of North Texas), Song Fu (University of North Texas), Quan Zhang (Wayne State University), Weisong Shi (Wayne State University)

●    SourceMark: A Source-Level Approach for Identifying Architecture and Optimization Agnostic Regions for Performance Analysis
Abhinav Agrawal (North Carolina State University), Bagus Wibowo (North Carolina State University), James Tuck (North Carolina State University)

    12:30  -  13:30     Lunch and Best Paper Award

    13:30  -  14:30     Paper Session 6: Simulation

      Chair: Russell M Clapp, Intel

●    Differential Fault Injection on Microarchitectural Simulators
Manolis Kaliorakis (University of Athens), Sotiris Tselonis (University of Athens), Athanasios Chatzidimitriou (University of Athens), Nikos Foutris (University of Athens), Dimitris Gizopoulos (University of Athens)

●    Full Speed Ahead: Detailed Architectural Simulation at Near-Native Speed
Andreas Sandberg (Uppsala University), Nikos Nikoleris (Uppsala University), Trevor E. Carlson (Uppsala University), Erik Hagersten (Uppsala University), Stefanos Kaxiras (Uppsala University), David Black-Schaffer (Uppsala University)

    14:30  -  15:00     Break

    15:00  -  16:30     Paper Session 7: Data Center and Cloud

      Chair: Dimitrios Gizopoulos, University of Athens

●    Power Aware NUMA Scheduler in VMware's ESXi Hypervisor
Qasim Ali (VMware), Haoqiang Zheng (VMware), Timothy Mann (VMWare), Raghunathan Srinivasan (Intel)

●    Evaluating the Combined Impact of Node Architecture and Cloud Workload Characteristics on Network Traffic and Performance/Cost
Diman Zad Tootaghaj (The Pennsylvania State University), Farshid Farhat (The Pennsylvania State University), Mohammad Arjomand (The Pennsylvania State University), Paolo Faraboschi (HP Labs), Mahmut Taylan Kandemir (The Pennsylvania State University), Anand Sivasubramaniam (The Pennsylvania State University), Chita R. Das (The Pennsylvania State University)

●    Quantifying the Performance Impact of Memory Latency and Bandwidth for Big Data Workloads
Russell Clapp (Intel Corporation), Martin Dimitrov (Intel Corporation), Karthik Kumar (Intel Corporation), Vish Viswanathan (Intel Corporation), Thomas Willhalm (Intel Gmbh)

    16:30  -       Closing